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Software Development

Draw from our knowledge of all leading open-source technologies or allow us to recommend the best combination to suit your needs

Data Analytics & Visualization

We’ve built complex systems using advanced architectures and visualization tools for data-rich mo dels across a variety of industries. We can build yours too.

Mobile Development

We can build any mobile application you bring our way. We can create a responsive design using iOS, Android, or even blackberry.

UI/UX Development

Let us optimize your UI/UX design to get the most out of your existing application, or create and test a new design using wireframes and reactive prototypes.

Passionate about Building Great Products

The Sphere Team has been building innovative software products and solutions for leading digital companies since 2005.

Creating Better software products for today’s high-growth companies

responsive devices

Our innovative series of Better products help growing companies increase efficiency and communication on strategic employee engagement processes. From the first point of contact through the next stage of career development, our tools help employees make better decisions that improve company culture and performance.

Custom software solutions delivered on-site, or from any one of our global development centers
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