About Us


Our company is defined by a core set of values, which are embodied by our employees, and guide every task, communication and client interaction. We are passionate, innovative problem-solvers that take ownership and accountability for the hard work that goes into serving our client’s needs.


We build custom solutions in software, web, mobile and big data analytics while ensuring the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. In addition to technical expertise, our talented workforce provides unparalleled project management and thought leadership forming a true partnership with each and every client. At Sphere, you dream it, we build it.


Our goal is to become the leading global developer of innovative custom software solutions. We believe this vision can only be realized through the continued success of our clients.


We have over ten years of proven success delivering innovative custom software solutions. This experience saves our clients both time and money by avoiding common delays caused by design or logistical oversights.


We believe in open collaboration and communication. We provide open client access to the same internal collaboration tools used by our development team, and we provide full client access to project status updates and source codes.


We are highly responsive to our client’s development needs. We adjust our teams to meet your development timeline and project specifications, and continuously adjust these teams to accommodate any changes throughout the development lifecycle.


Leon Ginsburg


Jack Snitkovsky

Chief Operating Officer

Jenya Steinberg

VP of Operations

Yuri Lapitsky


Oleg Olshanetsky

Software Architect

Nadya Lebedenko

Project Manager

Lesya Marynchenko

HR Manager

Ray Willig

Solution Architect

Andrey Gamayun

VP Big Data solutions

Brad Bader

Chief Innovation Officer

Mila Kraieva

UI/UX Leader

Dmitry Tyomkin

Chief Revenue Officer

Katya Savenikova

Project Manager

Valera Prokopchuk

Software Architect

Nadir Belarbi

VP Risk & Security

Mark Chowaniec

Director of Product

Dan Meier

Product Designer