At Sphere, we know that add-ons, also known as plugins, are crucial to the operation of your business. That’s the reason why we have the extensive knowledge necessary to install and set up add-ons for your benefit. Additionally, we can extend your Atlassian applications so that your company has the capacity to increase productivity, improve efficiency and connect to other applications in your organization. Furthermore, our add-ons expand and integrate Jira, Confluence and other tools so that you’re fully equipped for any challenges that may come your way.

To make the operation of your business even easier, many of our engagements involve delivering bespoke functionality or integration with third-party systems. In addition, Sphere develops add-ons to broaden the power of your Atlassian applications. With these critical tools, you can connect the other applications in your organization, enhance overall efficiency and speed up your workflow across multiple teams.

Add-ons provide extra functionality to your Atlassian Cloud applications. From managing versioned documentation to creating mockups and wireframes, there are so many possibilities you can explore for your business.



In today’s fast-paced business world, you need a tool that will keep you on track to the second. Portfolio for Jira has the capability to help you plan and forecast with precision. This invaluable tool enables data-informed decisions whenever things change. So you can always keep everyone on the same page.

When you implement Portfolio for Jira, there are numerous advantages for your business. The useful features of this tool encompass a wide range of benefits, including:


You can create a portfolio plan that reflects your team’s work in Jira. This aspect also allows you to get a comprehensive view across all teams and projects.


Both planning and forecasting accurate release dates can be accomp- lished with Portfolio for Jira. It’s an extremely helpful real time resource that lets you know the exact time you’re able to deliver your products.


Stay on top of team availabilities and skill sets with Portfolio. That way, you don’t have to worry about bottleneck issues. And you’ll always know when the right people are available for certain tasks.


Unexpected things can happen. But you won’t ever veer off course with this sophisticated solution. Portfolio for Jira allows you to prioritize and make tradeoff decisions without delay. You’ll also see the impact of a particular choice in an instant. So every adjustment you make will always be informed.


Even as you face tight deadlines, your business goals will never be left behind. Portfolio for Jira empowers you to keep on top of your company’s objectives, track your progress, and conduct your individual strategies. This facet of Portfolio ensures that everyone on the team is aware of your priorities.


Many businesses that turn to Portfolio for Jira frequently claim that this software’s characteristics facilitate better communication between multiple teams. Since several complex projects are often in development simultaneously, changes must be conveyed at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, the alignment between development goals and business needs remain crucial to success.

For these reasons, Portfolio provides a pivotal channel that enables company leaders to ensure they’re focused on the right work at the right time with the right people in place. Furthermore, Portfolio allows the business to understand how each detail fits together to achieve success.

In addition to attaining clear communication between management and teams, Portfolio for Jira enables the company to inform stakeholders about its true capacity to deliver. By implementing this software, you can work with a single tool set designed to advance every aspect of communication between the teams and the stakeholders. Using this platform, you’ll always remain aligned with specific objectives from every aspect of the operation. Furthermore, surprises at the last second are eliminated. This is because you’re continually cognizant of when real deliveries will occur.

One of the best benefits of Portfolio for Jira is that as the company enters information into each team’s plans, a big picture view is created. This advantage allows companies to get detailed data on the status of each team’s work, producing a broader understanding of up-to-the-second plans in real time. With this productive feature, you’ll always know the state of each project to the smallest organizational detail.