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Ivan Neverov

Ivan Neverov

QA Automation Leader

With more than 11 years of experience in the computer industry, and with over 10 years in software testing, Ivan is an expert at automated software testing. He has developed in-house frameworks for test automation, and contributed to open-source testing tools, most notably SitePrism and Capybara. Ivan started working with the WebDriver and Selenium since the end of 2008, working mostly on the Ruby bindings.

Emulating Long Life Cycles during Automated Testing

Automated testing has become standard industry practice, saving quality assurance engineers the time and effort required of manual testing while enhancing overall code efficiency and accuracy. It also allows companies…

Achieve Quality Code and ROI through Test Automation

Software development companies are under constant pressure to deliver new applications that will satisfy every user’s needs across all devices and locations, preferably at high speed and low cost. Automated…

The BIG Debate: Automated vs. Manual Testing

Some debates are not easily resolved. Kanban or Scrum? Vim or Emacs? In the world of software, many technical engineering debates are created but never settled. True, most engineering debates…

Automated Testing - The Key Component of Agile DevOps

According to Dictionary.com, “agile” is defined one way as “quick and well-coordinated in movement; lithe.” It’s a great way to describe an acrobat or athlete, but the term also applies…

Looking to Increase Customer Success? Try Optimizing QA Automation

Achieving a high level of customer success is a requirement for all serious businesses, and optimizing QA automation is an important step in getting there.   When it comes to…

Using Open Source Solutions to Save Money with Automation Testing Infrastructure

Automation testing typically brings with it several money-saving opportunities. It allows companies to save time by running tests continuously. It offers frequent reporting, the benefits of consistency, and exactness. Manual…

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