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Winning the Digital Strategy Battle – Fighting Fears and Misconceptions

By:  TAGS: , , DATE: 12/05/2018

Digital strategy is an “all-in” affair. You have to get the whole team on board because a digital strategy is disruptive.


According to research from McKinsey, there are several battles organizations need to overcome before they reach a digital transformation state. Reaching such a point is against-the-odds because of multiple reasons, including internal opposition, a lack of understanding, and inconsistent leadership.


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Regarding Agile – Exploring the Scrum and Kanban Approach

By:  TAGS: , , DATE: 11/16/2018

Everyone involved even tangentially in software development has heard the word “agile.” The C-suite executives might say “we need to become more agile” or “is that vendor more agile than the others?” It’s a common word in this realm, but what does it really mean, and how is it achieved? Agile is essentially a set of principles for the organization. As the company makes decisions about its technology and processes, it can check those decisions against the agile philosophy to make sure there’s alignment. Over time, the idea is for the entire team to lean towards the “agile” way of doing things, which might include how to dynamically respond to changing conditions and the need for software that improves the user experience.


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The Sharing Economy: Everything you need to know

By:  TAGS: , DATE: 10/19/2018

The Sharing Economy is by no means a new concept. In 2018, we have been living with this concept for some time, but what does the sharing economy mean?


Simply put, it’s typically a web or app-based platform that connects you to a lease or hire of either products or services, by the week or even by the hour. Sometimes it can be free, but typically, there is a fee.


For those that are borrowing, there is a potential saving in borrowing an item that might only be required once, instead of paying more money upfront. Then for those that are happy to share their stuff, this can enable them to make a decent additional income on the side, increasing their earning potential.


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5 Ways Remote Workers Outperform In-office Workers

By:  TAGS: DATE: 09/28/2018

You hear it everywhere: offices lined with cubicle workers are on their way out. The hottest startups attract new talent with promises of work-at-home Fridays. Ranks of digital nomads take their jobs to the beach.


But if you’re a manager looking to make a new hire you’ll be looking to ask one question: do remote workers outperform in-office counterparts for real?


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