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Svetlana Kostikova

Svetlana Kostikova

Vice President of Product

Having spent more than 15 years serving in leadership roles at innovative global technology companies, Svetlana has established to be a key stakeholder in driving digital transformation. Leveraging her experience and innate strengths as both a key problem solver and strong contributor, Svetlana brings expertise and passion for transforming companies through change leadership, driving results, creating a culture of collaboration and innovation, and building high performing functions. Svetlana is a budding artist and avid learner of art history.

Changes Coming for Ethereum Smart Contracts with ERC-1400

ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Contract, and they are documents used by the Ethereum smart contract developer community. Each ERC defines various rules that affect how tokens can be…

Budget or Estimate? Agile Processes Explained

Software development projects require correct implementation and ultimately good management. As with most tasks, if you get the ‘working-out’ wrong, this could impede progress, but fail to calculate the costings…

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