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Winning the Battle for Information Technology Talent

By:  TAGS: DATE: 02/06/2019

Sphere Software Reimagines Hiring, Retaining and Developing Technology Talent


By 2022, the demand for advanced technology skill sets will exceed the supply of workers with these skills creating a shortage of 900,000 professionals in the U.S. alone.*


This talent shortfall is projected to represent approximately 1.4 billion hours of lost productivity each year.*


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Case Study: Sphere’s Custom Atlassian Solution for Delta Dental

By:  TAGS: DATE: 04/26/2018



Delta Dental is the largest dental insurance company in the country. This organization offers national dental coverage to more than one-third of the estimated 212 million Americans with dental insurance. It’s a not-for-profit organization that includes some for-profit affiliates as member companies. Additionally, it administers program and reporting systems that give both groups and individuals quality dental benefits with outstanding customer service.


Since 2014, Delta Dental has been facing a significant digital transformation. The company’s growth necessitated the expansion of their software development and IT teams. Sphere Software began collaboration with Delta Dental by assisting with the first phase of their digital transformation — migration from a legacy bug tracking system, Rally ( CA Technologies ), to Atlassian’s Jira ( with a customized Confluence solution ). Once the first phase of this project was successfully completed by the Sphere Software team, Delta Dental increased the efficiency with which they managed their software teams and product releases. In phase two, the senior management team asked Sphere for additional consulting and training on Agile Development, in addition to Jira and Confluence configurations and customization.


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Sphere Software Proud Sponsor of This Year’s i.c.stars Capitalize 2018 Event

By:  TAGS: DATE: 05/09/2018

At Sphere Software, we pride ourselves on being regular contributors to the local software development community. This is why we’ve decided to participate in this year’s i.c.stars Capitalize 2018 event; a day filled with top-level CIOs and tech influencers who see the value in shaping the next generation of change-driven, future tech leaders here in Chicago.


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5 UX Design Trends for 2018

By:  TAGS: DATE: 12/14/2017

As technology continues to evolve, so too do UX design trends. The best designers are able to not only keep pace with current trends, but they’re also forward-thinking enough to anticipate future trends. As Steve Jobs once said, “customers don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” An exemplary UX designer will gain an understanding of what the customer needs and ultimately “show it to them.”


Exceptional digital experiences come from pairing the latest advances in technology with genuine empathy for the end user. Below, we’ve prepared a list of the design trends we believe will be prominent in 2018.


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Sphere will Join Blockchain Leaders at this Year’s Consensus 2018 by CoinDesk

By:  TAGS: DATE: 05/16/2018

Consensus 2018 presented by CoinDesk is expected to be one of the largest gatherings of blockchain startups, enterprise tech leaders, and crypto-enthusiasts looking to learn more about cryptocurrency and the direction it’s headed. With over 10 years of technical expertise and a team of knowledgeable blockchain developers, Sphere Software couldn’t turn down the great opportunity to attend this event and contribute to the blockchain ecosystem.


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Review of Mobile Automated Testing Tools

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Every application development team recognizes the value of thoroughly testing an application for quality assurance prior to deployment. Overlooked bugs can cost companies thousands of dollars. Moreover, releasing broken builds and features can frustrate and alienate the users and clients. Manual testing can be useful in a lot of cases, but it is a slow and human resource-intensive process.



Automation testing on the other hand, can speed up the whole testing process by expanding your test coverage and, as a result, providing with a better clarity and high quality code. Automated testing can save the project owners a great deal of time anmoney, as it only requires a fraction of the time needed for manual testing. That’s why every QA engineer is sooner or later faced with the question of how to automate their workload.  The next question is how to choose the right automation tool for the project at hand.

Native applications are the ones that are written using the iOS or Android SDKs. Mobile web applications are web applications that are being accessed using a mobile browser. Hybrid applications are defined by a wrapper around a “webview” — a native control that enables interaction with web content. So, these criteria need to be taken into account during the evaluation process.

Our goal was to create automation test coverage for both iOS and Android native applications. Our team was previously involved in automated testing of a web version of this application using RSpec, Selenium and Capybara. Therefore, we acquired experience working with these tools. The main factors during the tool selection process were: ability to use this tool for automating both iOS and Android tests, reliability, ability to work with simulators and emulators as well a work with real devices. The tool had to be well documented, easy to set up and maintain, ad we really wanted to use the latest technology.

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Sphere Team Excited to Participate at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW Conference

By:  TAGS: DATE: 05/09/2018

The current SAP and Digital Transformation landscape isn’t just exciting, but it’s constantly evolving. Which is why the Sphere team has decided to partake in this year’s SAP SAPPHIRE NOW Conference, the largest cloud innovation and business tech conference in the U.S., from June 5 to 7 in Orlando, Florida. At this conference, we’ll share some our best practices and SAP solutions with other thought leaders in the industry. We’ll also get some great insight on the current state of SAP and Digital Transformation, and where these industries are heading in the near future.


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