September 19, 2017

SphereCon​ ​2017:​ ​Our​ ​Conference​ ​Supporting​ ​the​ ​Go​ ​and​ ​Ruby​ ​Communities

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On​ ​October​ ​28,​ ​2017​ ​we​ ​hosted​ ​software​ ​engineers​ ​and​ ​UI​ ​/​ ​UX​ ​designers​ ​from around​ ​the​ ​world​ ​at​ ​SphereCon​ ​to​ ​network​ ​and​ ​learn​ ​best​ ​practices​ ​from​ ​our experts.​ ​This​ ​event​ ​took​ ​place​ ​at​ ​Interia’s​ ​conference​ ​hall​ ​in​ ​Kiev.


With​ ​Go​ ​and​ ​Ruby​ ​continuing​ ​to​ ​evolve,​ ​Sphere​ ​Software’s​ ​CEO​ ​Leon​ ​Ginsburg​ ​saw the​ ​need​ ​to​ ​share​ ​knowledge​ ​and​ ​support​ ​the​ ​developer​ ​community.​ ​This​ ​was​ ​the impetus​ ​for​ ​SphereCon.​ ​Contributing​ ​thought​ ​leadership​ ​to​ ​developer​ ​communities has​ ​been​ ​a​ ​part​ ​of​ ​Sphere’s​ ​mission​ ​since​ ​it​ ​was​ ​founded​ ​in​ ​2005.


The​ ​event​ ​showcased​ ​Sphere’s​ ​engineers,​ ​who​ ​shared​ ​their​ ​expertise​ ​on​ ​building scalable​ ​software​ ​solutions​ ​in​ ​high-load,​ ​demanding​ ​environments.​ ​In​ ​addition, developers​ ​from​ ​leading​ ​companies​ ​like​ ​Gett​ ​also​ ​shared​ ​their​ ​best​ ​practices.


Garnering​ ​a​ ​large​ ​turnout​ ​of​ ​engineers​ ​looking​ ​to​ ​fine-tune​ ​their​ ​skillsets, SphereCon​ ​received​ ​coverage​ ​from​ ​major​ ​United​ ​States​ ​and​ ​Ukrainian​ ​publications including:


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Artur​ ​Koshtei​ ​( -​ ​A​ ​back-end​ ​Web​ ​developer​ ​with​ ​a​ ​passion​ ​for technology​ ​and​ ​complex​ ​problem​ ​solving.​ ​Artur​ ​focused​ ​on​ ​techniques​ ​and solutions​ ​that​ ​helped​ ​Gett​ ​to​ ​increase​ ​system​ ​stability​ ​in​ ​http​ ​calls,​ ​caching,​ ​and more.


Ilya​ ​Biin​ ​(Sphere​ ​Software) -​ ​A​ ​Golang​ ​expert​ ​with​ ​10+​ ​years​ ​of​ ​experience​ ​in​ ​design, architecture,​ ​development,​ ​testing,​ ​and​ ​implementation​ ​of​ ​applications.​ ​His presentation​ ​covered​ ​rapid​ ​Web​ ​development​ ​and​ ​multitasking​ ​using​ ​Go​ ​versus Ruby.


Maxim​ ​Kupriianov​ ​(Sphere​ ​Software)​ -​ ​An​ ​experienced​ ​Go​ ​developer​ ​who​ ​likes​ ​to create​ ​open-source​ ​software​ ​solutions​ ​that​ ​are​ ​useful​ ​for​ ​enterprises​ ​and education.​ ​Maxim​ ​presented​ ​a​ ​robust​ ​caching​ ​layer​ ​written​ ​in​ ​Go​ ​that​ ​reduces​ ​the amount​ ​of​ ​requests​ ​to​ ​Amazon​ ​S3.


Anton​ ​Shemerey​ ​(Sphere​ ​Software)​​ – A​ ​Ruby​ ​on​ ​Rails​ ​Web​ ​developer​ ​with​ ​a​ ​wide background​ ​in​ ​high-load​ ​heterogeneity​ ​systems,​ ​experience​ ​building​ ​monolithic, and​ ​micro​ ​service​ ​oriented​ ​apps.​ ​Anton​ ​shared​ ​”mental​ ​context​ ​switch”​ ​problems to​ ​show​ ​highlight​ ​the​ ​similarities​ ​and​ ​differences​ ​between​ ​Ruby​ ​on​ ​Rails​ ​and​ ​Go.


Mikhail​ ​Kurakin​ ​&​ ​Sergey​ ​Makarov​ ​(Sphere​ ​Software)​​ ​-​ ​With​ ​Mikhail​ ​being​ ​a talented​ ​UX/UI​ ​designer,​ ​and​ ​Sergey​ ​being​ ​a​ ​front-end​ ​developer,​ ​these​ ​two discussed​ ​the​ ​collaboration​ ​process,​ ​how​ ​to​ ​bring​ ​complex​ ​applications​ ​to​ ​life,​ ​and how​ ​to​ ​adapt​ ​them​ ​to​ ​meet​ ​client​ ​requirements.



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Software Development Technology

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