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Why Innovation Is The Key To Your Success

By:  TAGS: DATE: 11/02/2018

In today’s business landscape, one trait sets the best companies apart from the rest: innovation. But what is it exactly that makes innovative companies tick?


There’s a paradox that runs straight through the business world: on the one hand, we need to make all the numbers add up. We must report back to our investors and make sure our profit margins are all on track. Too much risk, in this day and age, seems like a barrier to success and growth.


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The BIG Debate: Automated vs. Manual Testing

By:  TAGS: , , , , DATE: 10/22/2018

Some debates are not easily resolved. Kanban or Scrum? Vim or Emacs? In the world of software, many technical engineering debates are created but never settled. True, most engineering debates can be emotional or reductionist; however, they often have little to do with actual engineering benefits, but everything to do with opinion. So it raises the question: Which testing method is the best?


One thing we can all agree on is that developers of monolith applications (of varying skill levels) have all at some point updated and patched programs, introduced complex logic, which has caused performance inefficiencies, dead code, and piles of technical debt. It makes things that much harder to change or work with, it creates inefficiencies, and naturally, reworking costs more time.


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The Sharing Economy: Everything you need to know

By:  TAGS: , DATE: 10/19/2018

The Sharing Economy is by no means a new concept. In 2018, we have been living with this concept for some time, but what does the sharing economy mean?


Simply put, it’s typically a web or app-based platform that connects you to a lease or hire of either products or services, by the week or even by the hour. Sometimes it can be free, but typically, there is a fee.


For those that are borrowing, there is a potential saving in borrowing an item that might only be required once, instead of paying more money upfront. Then for those that are happy to share their stuff, this can enable them to make a decent additional income on the side, increasing their earning potential.


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Five Powerful Tips To Planning Your First ICO Launch

By:  TAGS: , DATE: 10/17/2018

When planning your first ICO launch, you can’t leave anything to chance. Inform yourself on how to prepare your team, marketing strategy and legal issues.


ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings, are all the rage these days. With all the ways cryptocurrencies are disrupting the global economy (and how we think about money), startups, investors and tech moguls are trying to get their own piece of the pie. You might be thinking the very same thing.


If you are, here are a few tips about doing it right.


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Security Tokens – What they are and Who’s Using Them

By:  TAGS: DATE: 10/10/2018

Essentially, a security token is one that “securitizes” a real-world asset. So the coin is backed by an asset that has a tangible value, unlike an ICO that involves utility coins which might accelerate in value but can also turn into ether. Security tokens enable assets to become much more liquid as they allow fractional ownership of assets. And their blockchain-based structure means the ownership rights are transparent and easily verifiable. Here’s a simplified example of security tokens at work: Your friend is starting a cat food company, but needs investors. She offers a “Meow Meow” security token for $1, with a goal of raising $250,000. Investors buy blocks of the tokens and this ownership might come with certain rights or dividends. Your friend receives the money necessary to build a business, and the investors gain ownership stakes and the potential for profits as the business succeeds.


A key benefit of security tokens is they provide liquidity to the underlying asset. They’re cryptographic tokens that pay some sort of dividend, interest, or other payment to the token holders, so they are highly liquid compared to more traditional assets such as stocks or bonds. Many in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries see security token offerings STOs as the future vehicle for investing instead of ICOs which peaked (and often crashed) in 2017.


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5 Ways Remote Workers Outperform In-office Workers

By:  TAGS: DATE: 09/28/2018

You hear it everywhere: offices lined with cubicle workers are on their way out. The hottest startups attract new talent with promises of work-at-home Fridays. Ranks of digital nomads take their jobs to the beach.


But if you’re a manager looking to make a new hire you’ll be looking to ask one question: do remote workers outperform in-office counterparts for real?


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Addressing the Key Challenges of Technical Debt

By:  TAGS: DATE: 09/20/2018

When it comes to technical debt, it’s vital to understand that the debts found in your software code represent more than just lost hard costs. There’s also the “softer” costs that come when the debt affects your team’s ability to get things done. Whether these “things” are bringing new services to market or properly engaging the customer, technical debt often means dire consequences that slow or stop productive everyday work. Addressing technical debt is challenging, and requires a committed approach. Left unchecked, technical debt becomes a cycle, where poor code leads to increased time and costs, decreased agility, less revenue, and therefore less available money for better development. Thankfully, it’s possible for companies to break this cycle by proactively meeting the core technical debt challenges head on.


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How Golang Helps Team Leads Become More Effective

By:  TAGS: DATE: 04/26/2018

Team Leads Overview


Let’s talk about team leads and their role in the software development process.


What’s a team lead? There’s no agreed upon answer, so I will have to speak from my own experience.


The team lead’s goal and the reason for their existence is simple: they have to make sure the team is reaching its targets. No more, no less.


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Understanding the Digital Transformation Phenomenon

By:  TAGS: DATE: 05/16/2018

Digital transformation, often referred to as DX, is going through a growth spurt thanks to the ever-increasing realization that integrating technology in all aspects of business will reduce operational costs, evolve the user experience, and revamp existing business strategies.


This transformation is here to stay, and some experts believe that businesses who haven’t at least devised a plan to implement DX will fall by the wayside in the coming years. So what exactly is digital transformation, and why is it vital for your organization to consider it?


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The Journey from Traditional Manufacturing to E-Commerce

By:  TAGS: DATE: 05/25/2018

As the retail industry relies exclusively on e-commerce sales to thrive, the manufacturing industry is sure to follow. The shift to e-commerce in B2B sales is undeniable, as digital platforms are expected to generate just over $1 trillion by 2021, according to Forrester. Comparatively, B2C e-commerce sales will generate only half that figure.


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