Looking to Increase Customer Success? Try Optimizing QA Automation

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Achieving a high level of customer success is a requirement for all serious businesses, and optimizing QA automation is an important step in getting there.


When it comes to managing customer success, companies can’t be too attentive. While a phrase like ‘customer success’ might seem simple enough, it has a very particular meaning in the business world. Defined as “the business methodology of ensuring customers achieve their desired outcomes while using your product or service,” the concept amounts to concrete strategies companies can develop when they need to set quantifiable ways to measure customer satisfaction. With these in place, a given company is able to track when it meets and exceeds these goals. While there are a number of approaches to customer success, one method we suggest is boosting it through QA automation.


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Using Open Source Solutions to Save Money with Automation Testing Infrastructure

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Automation testing typically brings with it several money-saving opportunities. It allows companies to save time by running tests continuously. It offers frequent reporting, the benefits of consistency, and exactness. Manual testing can produce costly oversights, which then need to be corrected. This outdated type of testing is also a cash-draining asset.


The cost and time savings currently derived from automation testing are great, but there’s a further opportunity within the test tools. Many engineers choose closed-source instruments for testing, but there are considerable benefits with automated options.


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Transporting Complex Sales Through Blue Ocean Strategy

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In 2004, two business strategists named Renee Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim released a book called Blue Ocean Strategy and forever transformed the way we see innovation and disruption.


The concept is simple: first, we start with a red ocean. It symbolizes a market space crowded with competition, not unlike a stretch of the Pacific full of sharks. Every time a new opportunity comes onto the stage, everyone dives after it at once. Even if your company is quick enough to get a piece of the pie, they’ll be sharing it dozens of other like-sized firms and businesses.


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Customer Success Management – Defining and Exploring Best Practices

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A definition of “customer success management” (CSM) is needed before offering tips on its implementation. Fundamentally it’s a deliberate strategy for maximizing the value of customers in a sustainable and long-term manner. The “deliberate” part is important because it means a company has to actively manage their business-customer relationships. They must consider these relationships as actual assets that must be nurtured and allowed to grow. How is CSM different than customer service? It’s proactive not reactive. The business is taking steps to improve the customer’s journey, not just providing fixes to problems or answering inquiries. The people running CSM programs understand the role requires a mindset shift away from the company’s success to the customer (with the company of course gaining in the long run.)


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How to Improve Time-to-market for your Applications

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Getting applications to market is a common objective for any tech-enabled company. While the motive may vary, some obvious benefits are seen in capturing revenue, sales, staying ahead of the competition in the marketplace and maintaining pole position as a market leader. Making improvements in your time to market can also improve the complete process of management.


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Winning the Digital Strategy Battle – Fighting Fears and Misconceptions

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Digital strategy is an “all-in” affair. You have to get the whole team on board because a digital strategy is disruptive.


According to research from McKinsey, there are several battles organizations need to overcome before they reach a digital transformation state. Reaching such a point is against-the-odds because of multiple reasons, including internal opposition, a lack of understanding, and inconsistent leadership.


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BlogPost_Budget or Estimate - Agile Processes Explained_12.03

Budget or Estimate? Agile Processes Explained

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Software development projects require correct implementation and ultimately good management. As with most tasks, if you get the ‘working-out’ wrong, this could impede progress, but fail to calculate the costings correctly… and you will attract unwanted profit loss.


Naturally, an essential part of the management process is conducting research, calculating the cost and also justifying that technology cost to stakeholders. Are you confident your method is the best one?


It is unlikely that will be approving the budget, however, you will potentially be in the driving seat for informing the budget, which if done with precision should increase the likelihood of approval and maximize the results.


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BlogPost_Three Ways To Save On IT Costs Without Losing Out On Quality_29.11

Three Ways To Save On IT Costs Without Losing Out On Quality

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Finding ways to save on IT costs doesn’t have to mean stunting development. Here are three ways to cut your budget while maintaining quality services.


This year we may be celebrating (if that’s the right word) ten years since the start of the Great Recession, but companies everywhere are still feeling the pinch. And while the tech and IT industries have seen immense growth over the past few years, these are still times when any company would like to lower IT costs whenever possible.


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BlogPost_Automated Testing - The Key Component of Agile DevOps_29.11

Automated Testing – The Key Component of Agile DevOps

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According to, “agile” is defined one way as “quick and well-coordinated in movement; lithe.” It’s a great way to describe an acrobat or athlete, but the term also applies to business. Within software development, the definition’s important because “agile” must happen quickly but also be well planned. Agile’s core tenets are to pull teams together in a collaborative, simple, transparent, and flexible manner, so they can work together to produce quality work on deadline.


Agile involves all of the stakeholders in the process (including customers) to put in their “two cents” during production. A crucial part of this process is testing because it needs to be conducted during every stage of the development. The point of this repeated testing is to gather feedback from all of the stakeholder groups, so the final project will best reflect all of their needs and expectations.


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BlogPost_Three Reasons Why You Need To Hire a Qualified Development Team_29.11

Three Reasons Why You Need To Hire a Qualified Development Team

By:  TAGS: DATE: 11/21/2018

In today’s job market, it can seem like a luxury to hire a qualified development team – in fact, it’s the key to your growth and success. Let us tell you why.


It happens often enough to everyone: you need a new hire. We’re in a global market now where more and more people are choosing to become developers, and so it might be tempting for tech companies and startups to think they can afford to be picky.


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