12 Scalability Principles Designed to Sustain Growth for Your App’s Architecture

By:  TAGS: , , DATE: 09/11/2017

Numerous articles and books have been written about scalability and capacity planning. However, sometimes the hardest part of the job is to avoid overengineering and keep relevant concepts as clear and simple as possible. As a Ruby and Go backend developer, I’ve discovered through experience a number of important scalability principles that can aid in the construction of a wide variety of software projects. In fact, these basic rules can be applied to numerous architectural challenges with successful results.


Scalability vs. Performance


Let’s start with some sad news. Scalable code is usually computationally inefficient. If you split a big, complex task to a set of small associative operations, the unfortunate reality is that it will probably run slower on one machine. But this approach is still preferable to support unlimited horizontal scaling. Obviously, hitting the ceiling of vertical growth is much more likely.


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