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The Sharing Economy: Everything you need to know

By:  TAGS: , DATE: 10/19/2018

The Sharing Economy is by no means a new concept. In 2018, we have been living with this concept for some time, but what does the sharing economy mean?


Simply put, it’s typically a web or app-based platform that connects you to a lease or hire of either products or services, by the week or even by the hour. Sometimes it can be free, but typically, there is a fee.


For those that are borrowing, there is a potential saving in borrowing an item that might only be required once, instead of paying more money upfront. Then for those that are happy to share their stuff, this can enable them to make a decent additional income on the side, increasing their earning potential.


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Improving Healthcare with Blockchain

By:  TAGS: DATE: 03/30/2018

A recent survey by Black Book — a Tampa, Florida technology market research company — found that 80% of healthcare payers were either considering deploying or were in the process of implementing Blockchain solutions. Other findings from the study included:


  • 95% of hospital and medical group IT specialists and management agree that Blockchain may resolve and expedite most concerns of interoperability and patient record sharing.

  • 93% of managed care organization respondents, 70% of hospital respondents, and 58% of physician practice respondents said that blockchain shows promise for healthcare interoperability.

  • All survey-responding payers with plans of 500,000 members are actively considering deploying or are in the process of deploying Blockchain for Q4 2018, and 20% are involved in trial deployments in some form1



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Blockchain Technology and its Real-World Uses

By:  TAGS: DATE: 01/17/2018

Companies are studying the uses of blockchain technology as cryptocurrency becomes more relevant. According to Microsoft’s Midwest CTO, the term “blockchain” is so buzzworthy, that Kodak used it in a product name (completely unrelated to blockchain technology) and saw their stock value quadruple. It’s important to know that Blockchain is not a cryptocurrency, rather, it supports cryptocurrency in a secure, shared, distributed ledger.


Our Sphere team attended a few conferences in Chicago regarding blockchain and Ethereum cryptocurrency smart contracts to get a better glimpse at the many uses of blockchain technology. In this article, we’ll recap those events and point out the different ways developers are using this technology to build and theorize decentralized applications.

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Sphere will Join Blockchain Leaders at this Year’s Consensus 2018 by CoinDesk

By:  TAGS: DATE: 05/16/2018

Consensus 2018 presented by CoinDesk is expected to be one of the largest gatherings of blockchain startups, enterprise tech leaders, and crypto-enthusiasts looking to learn more about cryptocurrency and the direction it’s headed. With over 10 years of technical expertise and a team of knowledgeable blockchain developers, Sphere Software couldn’t turn down the great opportunity to attend this event and contribute to the blockchain ecosystem.


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