5 Steps for Creating a Minimum Viable Product (and the case of the Pokémon GO app)

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Recently, one of our clients asked us how to ensure that their prototype launch was successful. In our climate of constant innovation, technologies are becoming obsolete at a never-before seen rate.

There are, of course, no guarantees — but using a “Minimum Viable Product” approach is the best place to start.

In the following post, I will break down the steps to create an MVP, using the example of the worldwide gaming phenomenon, “Pokémon GO.” Read More


Creating a Functional Prototype: Determining if Your Product Will Be a Success

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We’ve all been there, struck with a great idea for a software product, but no clear direction to start the development process. How does your idea for a new product help solve real problems? How do you define the desired product throughout the solution discovery process? What are the project requirements and objectives? As a software company with expertise in providing answers to these questions to companies of all sizes, we’re here to provide some guidance.

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