Customer Success Management – Defining and Exploring Best Practices

By:  TAGS: , , DATE: 12/12/2018

A definition of “customer success management” (CSM) is needed before offering tips on its implementation. Fundamentally it’s a deliberate strategy for maximizing the value of customers in a sustainable and long-term manner. The “deliberate” part is important because it means a company has to actively manage their business-customer relationships. They must consider these relationships as actual assets that must be nurtured and allowed to grow. How is CSM different than customer service? It’s proactive not reactive. The business is taking steps to improve the customer’s journey, not just providing fixes to problems or answering inquiries. The people running CSM programs understand the role requires a mindset shift away from the company’s success to the customer (with the company of course gaining in the long run.)


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Managing Remote Development Teams and the Importance of Company Culture

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Year after year, employees across a wide spectrum of professional fields are finding themselves working more remotely; and as communication technologies advance, this number will surely increase. There are even companies now that build almost their entire workforce remotely — and some are able to yield just as good, if not better results than their on-site counterparts.


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Our Journey to Define Our Core Values

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When I started Sphere Software in 2005, out of my modest Skokie, Illinois apartment, I couldn’t be bothered by something like “core values.” I was on a mission, trying to make a living off my passion: building great software solutions. I’d studied the competition and I had a vision — I wanted to make my products more human-centric.


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