The Importance of Software Design Documents: Utilizing Sphere’s Best Practices

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For a quick refresher, the software design document does as its name implies. It spells out the software’s architecture, interface, and data designs in a written and structured format. These documents are important because they set the expectations. The software provider should mandate software design documents are created with every client. Without such documents, the client/provider relationship is headed for trouble. It opens the door wide open to disputes about what functionalities were promised and then not delivered. The most basic elements of the documents include a description of the application, how it will be completed, and the various milestones achieved to reach the finished state.


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Need to Modernize Legacy Software? Here’s How To Do It Right

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Does your company need to modernize legacy software? Here we describe not only what the issues with legacy software are, but how to fix them effectively.


Out with the old, in with the new – that’s how the saying goes. There comes a time in any program’s lifecycle when even the most up-to-date operating system, platform or data management software starts showing signs of age, and it can be tempting to swap everything out for the Next Big Thing.


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Improving Teams (and Results) with Software Development Metrics

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Metrics mean accountability. They hold the team accountable for the work they’re putting in. This doesn’t mean the metrics are just for managers to hold over everyone’s heads. Their main purpose is to improve the results of the team by pointing out areas of excellence as well as shortcomings. Without metrics software teams might start missing deadlines and produce low-quality work. How long do you think such a situation is sustainable?


But what about being “agile?” Don’t metrics fly in the face of an agile team because they represent corporate structure and bureaucracy? While you don’t want to overanalyze the team, you must have metrics because it shows your clients that you care about the details.


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