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Tech Debates Description

Tech Debates are events being organized every month in Chicago, San-Fransisco, and London for local technology enthusiast by Sphere Software. Its the perfect event to hear Techies who love to debate about anything and everything having to do with the latest developments going on in the technology world. Each month, we bring together a panel of technologists with diverse topical perspectives and moderate a lively, energized debate.

Some things just don’t change, only the topics do. We are Tech Debates, where AWS versus Google Cloud or Azure, Full Stack versus Specialization, React Native versus Swift and Java, Best practices in Micro-services architecture, How to Hire Developers are just some of the things we might discuss. Informative, entertaining, and thought-provoking, our mission each month is to bring together a diverse representation from the tech community for conversation, conviviality, and networking around a current topic of interest to the tech community.

November Debate: Feature Requests vs Technical Debt: What is the right balance?

The CEO wants new functionality now, while the CIO wants to manage technical debt. We got together the CEO from CreditNinja and the CIO from Eligo Energy together to debate their opposing views on what they really think matters more. With a room full of the Tech Enthusiast asking intriguing questions our speakers use their knowledge and wit to make a point.


Didn't make it to our past debates or just want to relive the fun? Check out our past event videos and some of our favorite shots taken throughout the debates

Our Debaters

Mark Friedgan
Mark Friedgan
CEO, CreditNinja

Mark Friedgan, based in Chicago, Mark is an early stage investor and advisor to Startups, award winning CIO and experienced technology leader. The major businesses Mark has been involved with are Enova, Eligo and CreditNinja

Mike Sandle
Mike Sandle
CIO, Eligo Engery, LLC

Mike Sandler, based in Chicago. Mike is a seasoned technology leader with experience building and growing a number of startups in various industries. Mike's helped companies like Enova, Citybase, Eligo and others get to the next level.

Debate Moderator

Rob Grabowski
Rob Grabowski

Bio Rob Grabowski has been on the Comedy Sportz roster since the fall of 2014. He is happy to be part of a great group of people. Rob performs with many theaters around the city. Previously, he's worked with The Second City, The New Colony, Profiles Theatre, The Ruckus Theatre, InFusion, The Playground, and several others. Rob can be seen regularly at iO Chicago and as a host of The Kiss Kiss Cabaret.