February 27, 2019

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Are you a writer with tech expertise? Then we want to hear from you! Here are a few guidelines for anyone who is looking to write for Sphere on our blog.

For writers looking to expand their reach and broaden their portfolios, the decision to write for Sphere is a perfect place to start. Our articles bring in visitors ranging from top executives to project developers to junior coders, along with everyone in between. We take care to select topics of continued relevance to influencers, startup teams as well as enthusiasts. We are looking for fresh voices to help contribute to the conversation.

Are you a freelance writer with experience communicating ideas clearly and simply to a varied audience? Do you have expertise in fields like cryptocurrency, programming or project management? Are you a demanding reader looking to write for a demanding audience? Then we’d like to hear from you!

We’re always looking forward to reading a good pitch, and here are a few guidelines to make sure you know exactly what we’re looking for. If you’re wanting to write blog posts for Sphere, follow these tips before submitting an idea for a post.

Who We Write For

We pride ourselves at creating a site where tech enthusiasts of all stripes can come away with the latest developments in the field. As such, our audience is quite diverse. We have a number of designers and software developers who are looking for articles that dive deep into technical details and leave them with a compelling call to action.  We also have startup owners or influencers who are looking to read up on the Next Big Thing. If you’re going to write for Sphere, you’re going to have a very broad base of readers.

While that doesn’t mean that you can’t write a targeted post with a specific goal in mind, it does mean that it’s worthwhile to make sure it’s accessible to any interested reader. Knowing what audience you’re writing for, what expectations they have and how to communicate with them is important to make sure your piece makes a solid connection. When blogging for Sphere, it pays for writers to know who they’re writing to and how to help the audience get as much as possible out of a piece.

Guidelines When Writing For Sphere

We love having guest posts from great writers, and we know that it’s helpful to have some guidelines to keep in mind when sending a pitch or writing a piece. If you’re looking to write for Sphere, here’s an idea of what kind of article we like to showcase:


We pride ourselves on covering a broad range of interests and developments on our blog. That said, we try to make sure to stick to the themes that our readers are interested in. When preparing your pitch, make sure it falls into one of the following categories:

  • how-tos, guides, and strategies for anyone involved in the design, wireframing, UX/UI, building prototypes and so on;
  • best practices for developers who are working with web and mobile software. This includes hacks, top tips, and pointers for working with different programming languages or technologies;
  • actionable points for anyone looking to build or develop digital products. This includes business owners, startup teams or even enthusiasts looking to break into the field. The focus here is less on technical details or workflows and more on exploring the business value of developing technologies;
  • guides and tips for products owners and project managers, particularly when it comes to witty project management. We can’t get enough of agile methodologies and similar ways of organizing workflow;
  • opinion pieces about the technology industry as a whole – we’re particularly interested in predictions, trends, and breakdowns of how technology shapes the world we live in.

Most of our articles focus on AI, machine learning and other innovations; native development for iOS and Android; Python, Ruby on Rails, React Native, PWA, Node.js and frontend frameworks. If you’re an expert and have a clear writing style, then we’d like you to write for Sphere’s blog!

Tips For Writing An Effective Blog Post

Sure, we’re not looking for another Hemingway, but here are a few tips to make, when you write blog posts for Sphere, that your prose flows well and

  • Always be thinking about what brings value to readers – it should be unique, interesting and relevant for our audience;
  • Back up your claims with data. It’s easy to include links, and if our readers are interested in what you’re writing they’ll want to explore for themselves;
  • Quantity is never as important as quality. Every paragraph, even every word, should build on your topic and argument;
  • Make sure your post is readable. Large walls of text are hard on readers’ eyes, so break things up into paragraphs. We love bullet points, charts, and subheaders. Don’t use tech jargon when plain English will do;
  • Speaking of English, we prefer American;
  • If you need to use technical language, make sure that you keep in mind your audience and give explanations when necessary.

What To Avoid:

  • We don’t publish repeats of articles that we’ve already posted. If you have an idea that might work for us, that’s great – but do a quick search to make sure we haven’t already written about it;
  • Posts that are obviously promotional in nature will not be accepted. We’re looking for guest posts that share expertise with our readership, not ads;
  • Don’t send us a pitch if you’re already covered the same topic elsewhere. Our readers are looking for fresh content.

How To Submit Your Idea

Once you have an idea of what you want to write, and if we haven’t already covered it, then go ahead and send us a pitch. We prefer our writers to email us their ideas. We contact writers within a month if we like the idea, and if you haven’t heard back by then it means that we’ve decided it isn’t the best match for our blog.

What that doesn’t mean is that we wouldn’t like to hear from you again. We’re always looking for new ideas and perspectives, and even if we don’t accept the first pitch we’re still interested in hearing from you. Feel free to send in multiple ideas at a time.

If We’ve Given You The Go-Ahead, What Next?

Once we’ve given you the green light to write for Sphere go ahead and write your draft, keeping in mind the tips we’ve given above. Once you send us the piece we send it out our editors in our tech and marketing departments. We might request a few changes, and any feedback will come back to you within two weeks.

Sometimes it happens that a piece doesn’t entirely match our standards or vision – if that’s the case, we may ask for a re-structured post. We also reserve the right to decline it if the piece isn’t right for us.

That said, we’re excited to have you write for Sphere. Ready to send us your idea? Let us know here.

Blog Content Writer

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Write For Sphere

Are you a writer with tech expertise? Then we want to hear from you! Here are a few guidelines for…

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