Consulting Services


Your business is Sphere’s prime concern. Whether you want application installation, configuration or integration, we’re committed to ensuring that your company experiences continued success. In addition, you can count on us to deliver value and efficiency at all times. When you work with our team of Atlassian experts, you’ll enjoy faster adoption, lower costs, the capacity to execute, and greater overall visibility. This means your business will achieve the competitive edge necessary to exceed your customers’ expectations.

Essentially, you have the power to transform your business with logical, result-oriented software support. Sphere’s Atlassian consultants can help you take full advantage of your Atlassian applications. The first step of this process is to craft a custom journey designed to achieve each of our clients’ individual requirements.

Throughout this personalized exploration, our goal is to uncover and examine your needs in order to obtain a preferred outcome. At the same time, we generate relevant ideas for potential approaches that suit your company’s style. Once we determine the most optimal path, we then design the best possible solution that takes your budget, schedule and technical constraints into consideration.

In short, we work closely with our clients so that they understand the wide array of options and tradeoffs that can affect their business. Furthermore, we also include the stakeholders in the mix so that they receive guidance on how to proceed with any recommendations.

The bottom line is that you need a partner with a holistic approach. By choosing Sphere, you will automatically have a team of experts on board that understands enterprise-level business challenges. Plus, our seasoned consultants can deep-dive to comprehend your unique circumstances, providing a streamlined roadmap to evaluate and deploy the latest technology. As a result, your business will maintain a leading edge both now and in the future.



    Our experts are not just focused on software solutions. They’re also ready to assist you in developing a roadmap for your immediate objectives and for the days ahead. It all comes down to the right expertise and the best methodology to help you achieve your objectives in less time. Sphere has the capacity to determine your needs and create a viable path customized to your circumstances while understanding your own technical capabilities and requirements.


    Cost does not have to be a barrier. At Sphere, we look at budgetary constraints and produce efficiencies that enable you to meet your technology objectives with finances in mind.


    It’s essential to offer collaboration across a variety of systems. So our solutions assist you in unifying multiple applications. That way, you can have a collaborative environment designed to attain your business goals. When you choose this approach, you’re in a better position to gain consensus from all stakeholders on the adoption of new solutions. This is a critical part of obtaining a successful result for any project.


    Implementing applications often become complicated. But with Sphere, you can feel confident that we’ll put together your applications the right way from the start. Plus, quality never receives a secondary status throughout our entire process.



To begin your journey, the first step is for us to become familiar with your various pain points and challenges. Then the next task is to advise you in discovering a solution that fits your business needs the best. In the process of assessing the present state of your application lifecycle, Sphere unifies capabilities that concentrate on PPM, ALM and DevOps to identify areas that need improvement. All in all, you can expect to receive a prioritized implementa- tion roadmap that will be personalized for your business.

Solution Design

Our particular expertise is constructing solutions that incorporate Atlassian and other Best Of Breed tools. We take pride in selecting the most effective software systems to provide value to your business at critical times. Sphere always focuses on delivering the best process, tools and people to help you achieve the greatest advantages from your application development teams. After an in-depth investigation of your requirements, we then assign our expert business consultants to generate a plan that both unifies and customizes your Atlassian product family. Software that includes Jira, Confluence, Hipchat and much more are integrated into this sophisticated format to strengthen your business.


Sphere has the expertise to ensure the smooth migration of your current data. As a result, you’ll avoid the frustration, cost and often inconvenient nature of this process. We successfully complete this important work so that you can focus on the daily tasks that are essential to your business.

(1)  Identification

At the start of any migration project, it is critical to identify and explore the source environments.

(2)  Assessment

The next step is to assess the quality of the environment we’re migrating from in detail. That way, we can be aware of any data inconsistencies and the existence of incorrect or duplicate data.

(3)  Design

This is the time to configure the target system so that all fields, attributes and workflows are established.

(4)  Prepare

During this phase, it’s crucial to develop a migration process that is scalable, reliable and time-measurable. Scripts are then generated to transfer data to the target system.

(5)  Extraction of Data

After testing is finished, it’s time to migrate your data. In most circumstances, the source systems are shut down. Then the migration can take place over a weekend or holiday to minimize any issues with your business units.

(6)  Transition

In this final stage, you’ll move to the new system. As the ‘extraction of data’ continues, audit trails and logs will be evaluated to ensure the migration’s success. At the same time, we validate and report on the data we’ve moved so that any potential problems are immediately addressed.

Execution & Delivery

Because of the 24 x 7 x 365 availability of a global technical workforce, we can implement and deliver your cloud or server based solution that leverages Agile methodologies at any time. Also, you can consider driving down costs further by taking advantage of our offshore resources.

Ongoing Support

Once your Atlassian software is installed and fine tuned to perfection, we will diligently support your continued needs as your business grows and develops.