Application Development for the Energy and Utility Industry

Sphere balances efficiency, technology, and compliance to provide Robust Solutions that Power your Business

The Energy and Utility Industry has grown in operational complexity over the past decade as it diversifies electrical generation sources, and expands infrastructure to meet growing market demands. These changes require providers to update back-end administration in order streamline efficiencies in a competitive marketplace. As consumption continues to grow, IT solutions for the energy industry are essential for monitoring, maintaining, and delivering critical utility services.


Sphere provides custom adaptations, consulting, and application development for the energy and utility industry for clients who require efficiency within their own organizations, as well as from their vendors. Aggregating data from multiple complex systems and adjusting delivery to market dynamics, Sphere has helped energy and utility clients meet modern challenges through expertise in application design and deployment. In addition to building solutions for clients, Sphere acts as a partner for Energy and Utility providers ensuring their tools meet all stakeholders’ expectations, and go live according to the client’s calendar.

We also help clients meet the unique safety and compliance requirements of their specific industry. In addition to software engineering skills, Sphere plans a client’s project with these guidelines and policies in mind. Sphere has completed enterprise level integrations and custom applications for highly regulated industries including healthcare, finance, insurance, and more. In addition, we are experts in PCI compliant solutions for keeping personal data secure for your customers. We consistently maintain a 360 degree view of compliance requirements, and can support your project in reaching the highest standards.


  • Services available for planning, discovery, and full project development
  • Monitor power with best of breed web applications
  • Deep knowledge of Industry Compliance
  • Experts at multi-system integrations
  • Robust dashboards for integrated reporting
  • Design expertise for building out user stories to meet the needs of different departments within a matrix organization.
  • Expert experience of both client and server side technologies. Sphere can recommend the technology options for your project or work with a client’s preferred set up.
  • Established success with leaders in the Energy & Utility sector

Customer Case Studies

esco esco
  • Ruby on Rails
  • HAML
  • SASS
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • State Machine
Solution Type
  • Solution Architecture
  • Custom Software Development
  • UI/UX Development

EscoAdvisors helps consumer energy providers and consumers analyze their energy usage using their proprietary analytics software. They needed a company that could provide data analytics and visualization capabilities for their EscoWare utility suite.


Sphere built ESCO a custom database, complete with advanced business intelligence capabilities. This new system provided regulatory support, eCommerce functionalities complete with rich media support that allowed their marketing and PR team to create and deliver compelling information to a public audience.

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