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Polymer Development

Polymer is an exciting new web component that allows you to push the boundaries of front end languages like HTML and JavaScript.

Sphere Software is among the few companies working with this exciting new library of web components. Reach out to one of our senior developers to learn more about what Polymer can do to enhance your UI/UX strategy.

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Want to incorporate Polymer into your next project?

Based on the concept of material design, Polymer represents a new direction in UI/UX where light, space and movement come together to form a 3D like experience for the user, bringing a lifelike realism to the digital world.

At Sphere, we’re passionate about using new open source libraries and frameworks to craft innovative user experiences.  Our senior developers help our clients bridge the gap between their existing legacy applications and infrastructure with the cutting edge applications made possible with libraries like Polymer. We build more than custom software, we build custom digital experiences.