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Sphere has the expertise and experience to deliver state-of- the-art software applications for companies in the financial industry. We have successfully completed projects for online lenders, banks, and the Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX), and we would like to hear about your company’s project as well. Contact us for a free consultation!

Sphere has applied its innovative agile development methodology to dozens of projects in the financial sector, significantly enhancing efficiency and bottom line results. Specific improvements include a data retrieval mechanism that helps preserve investment information when implementing technological changes, the launch of a mobile loan application system that immediately achieved 50% adoption across the customer base, and the optimization of a lending process that led to an increase in new loan applications.

Enova Financial needed a highly functional infrastructure to power its online lending suite across three continents. Sphere designed, developed, and released the suite of complex solutions that now powers Enova’s network of consumer-facing, online lending websites.

The Enova-Sphere collaboration hasn’t stopped there. Sphere excels at developing long term relationships with its clients, and we continue to support Enova’s core technology platform by adding feature upgrades and enhanced reporting capabilities. Custom mobile application development and continuous expansion of Enova’s many platform user interfaces are also provided.

Success in Enova’s primary line of business led to the two companies partnering to improve the efficiency of Enova’s HR department by implementing “best of breed” applications. Sphere’s integration of branded 3rd party and external human capital management tools resulted in seamless connectivity within Enova’s HR-related operations and significantly enhanced the functionality of the entire department.

Stock exchanges have become centers of automated trading, increasingly powered by server-side technologies. Reliable safeguards are required to insure seamless transactional flow. Even the slightest glitch can result in a significant profit loss.

The Chicago Stock Exchange, nationally trading over 4000 securities at any given time, hired Sphere for our expertise in scalable applications related to controlling trading activities in the event of an error. Sphere designed a “kill switch” that allows a market participant to shut down trading if a technical glitch occurs. This solution monitors specifically malfunctioning algorithms, daily caps, and unusual data patterns. The new system automatically cancels activity and alerts the appropriate personnel if any of these issues occur. The execution of this automated process has resulted in significant time savings to internal stakeholders and has improved efficiency overall.

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DevOps Consulting
Ruby on Rails Backbone + MySQL Marionette Backbone + PostgreSQL


DevOps Consulting
Ruby on Rails Backbone + MySQL Marionette Backbone + PostgreSQL

Nationally Recognized Financial Company

DevOps Consulting
Ruby on Rails Backbone + MySQL Marionette Backbone + PostgreSQL

OneMain Holdings, Inc.

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