Go Development

Go ( aka Golang ) is an open source programming language that was created at Google in 2007. It was created to be scalable to large systems ( similar to Java and C++ ), statically typed, and support networking & multiprocessing. Google, Netflix, Gett, Uber, and Dropbox are some of the companies who are using Go together with other languages.

We Have the Go Engineering Skills You Need

Our Go engineers have extensive experience with:
  • Building highly scalable backend systems ( web and mobile applications )
  • Creating large-scale distributed systems
  • Docker, Linux, Ethereum, Syncthing, and more
Our best practices harness the advantages of Go:
  • Seamless development of concurrent applications in large multi-regional teams
  • Rapid and effortless cross-platform development
  • Specifically designed for the cloud
  • Outstanding compilation speed
  • Memory management

Companies That Use Go

Advantages of Go

Concurrent by default
( from HTTP to the database)
Great support for
Mac OS X, Windows,
Linux, and others
Provides tools to
maintain code-standards
Provides abstractions to keep projects organized
Built with robust
language primitives

Go Client Case Study



Gett is the European market leader in the on-demand mobile transportation, delivery, and logistics industry. Gett is available in over 60 cities worldwide including NYC, Moscow, and London. In London, more than half of all black cabs run on Gett. Consumers benefit from pre-booking features without any surge pricing. Corporate clients benefit by reducing costs while ensuring safe, legal, and professional transportation.

Gett’s current online system allows them to accept and process delivery orders from their vendor partners. However, Gett needed to develop an API-based service that accepts orders from their partner’s disparate systems, and places them into the Gett system. In addition, this service was required to be implemented as an isolated SaaS with a reporting interface, provide statistics on KPIs, handle 100,000 orders per day, and have a 99.8% uptime.


Sphere implemented an isolated SaaS with AWS that utilized the Go open source programming language that was created at Google. RabbitMQ was implemented for its reliable data delivery and asynchronous web request processing. MongoDB was chosen as the high performance data storage backend in order to accommodate the variety of APIs and data structures from different Gett vendor partners. In addition, the following Gett libraries were used: httprouter, mgo, negroni, oauth2, mgo session, graceful, rest gate, napping, and amqp.


  • Go
  • RabbitMQ
  • MongoDB
  • AWS ( Amazon Web Services )


  • Solution Architecture
  • Software Development
  • Functional Prototyping
  • DevOps Consulting