Healthcare Technology (HealthTech)

Improving the quality of patient care though innovative custom software applications

The healthcare Technology (HealthTech) sector is a growing field of Big Data Analytics as revolutionary new technologies, diagnostic devices and wearable health sensors are becoming increasingly more common. Sphere Software has helped several innovative HealthTech companies develop their products to meet the demand for technology-based health intervention and patient advocacy tools.

Sphere provides custom adaptations, consulting, and application development for the energy and utility industry for clients who require efficiency within their own organizations, as well as from their vendors. Aggregating data from multiple complex systems and adjusting delivery to market dynamics, Sphere has helped energy and utility clients meet modern challenges through expertise in application design and deployment. In addition to building solutions for clients, Sphere acts as a partner for Energy and Utility providers ensuring their tools meet all stakeholders’ expectations, and go live according to the client’s calendar.

HealthTech Customer Case Study

DevOps Consulting
Ruby on Rails Backbone + MySQL Marionette Backbone + PostgreSQL


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