Healthcare Technology (HealthTech)

Improving the quality of patient care though innovative custom software applications.

Sphere is a leader in HealthTech Software Development

The healthcare Technology (HealthTech) sector is a growing field of Big Data Analytics as revolutionary new technologies, diagnostic devices and wearable health sensors are becoming increasingly more common. Sphere Software has helped several innovative HealthTech companies develop their products to meet the demand for technology-based health intervention and patient advocacy tools.

Want to know more about our work in HealthTech?

Matter is a new HealthTech incubator in 1871, Chicago

Techwauk is Waukegan's HealthTech incubator


Sphere Software is excited to support the innovative work of our local Chicagoland HealthTech incubators are doing to help grow this important new field of tech startups. We look forward to becoming increasingly involved in this important industry over the months and years ahead. Sphere Software specializes in providing custom application development for data-heavy use cases common to the HealtTech industry.  We can build any application to order, or perform a full solution discovery that provides several options for solution architecture that allows our clients to meet their business goals.

HealthTech Customer Case Study

Emmi Solutions Emmi Solutions
Solution Type
  • Solution Architecture
  • Custom Software Development
  • Extract, Transform & Load (ETL)
  • Team Augmentation
  • Angular.js
  • Backbone.js
  • CoffeeScript
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Jboss Application Server
  • Spring Core
  • Spring MVC
  • Spring Security, Spring JDBC
  • Hibernate
  • REST
  • Apache Commons
  • Server
  • Mustache
  • ICanHaz.js

EmmiSolutions wanted to rapidly scale their patient engagement platform but needed to focus on building out their core media content. They needed scalable architecture that could meet the growing needs of healthcare providers and the patients they served.


Sphere developed a complex solution architecture that served as the foundation for the entire platform. Originally contracted with several other outside teams, Sphere outperformed the competition to become the sole solution provider that deployed the final product.