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Now you can plan, track and release top-notch software with the best software development tool that Agile teams rely on every day. Feel free to generate user stories and issues, plan sprints and disseminate responsibilities across your network of employees. Also, you can prioritize and discuss your team’s work in full with total visibility. Whenever you need to ship, you can feel confident that the information you have is always current. Finally, you have the power to improve team performance in real time, applying visual data you can always use. That means you’ve got the resources to adopt best practices for software developments. This essential function is within the tools you use to enhance your software.


Things happen. But you can make sure your customers are covered at all times. Jira Service Desk provides a simple way to request help. It also offers your agents a fast method for resolving problems.

In addition to a quick connection to customer service when needed, your clients can find automated resources. With such simplified tools on hand, the consumers you support will never feel overlooked. Furthermore, this software has the capacity to provide customers an intuitive user experience that will complement their interactions with your staff.

Customizable queues, automated management tools and real-time reporting ensure that the clients you serve are never left hanging. Each and every conflict, issue or question can be addressed without any headaches.

Enter a new era of service desk tools with a portal that facilitates resolution. Jira Service Desk is the resource that will inform your customers, providing helpful features so that they can take charge of any difficulties they encounter. At the same time, this resource enables your staff to stay connected to clients, which enables multiple levels of invaluable support. Learn more >


Business projects often have many moving parts. Now you can keep every aspect organized with Jira Core. From marketing campaigns to HR orientations to approvals to reviews of legal briefs, you’ve got the tools to maintain the flow of information and keep in touch with your team all at once.

When projects become complicated, you always have the option to look back on individual histories. So you can trace the development to solve problems on the fly and avoid doing work that has already been done.

In addition to offering detailed background information, Jira Core can also track the progress of your projects. With access to reports and dashboards, you’ll always have an in-depth understanding of your team’s forward movement.



It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re receiving communications from multiple sources at the same time. But now you can put all of your project discussions in one suitable place. Think of it as the ultimate chat room that will ensure you never miss a single notification.

This advanced messaging system empowers you to conduct one-on-one or group chats at your convenience. For even more refined communica- tion, you can have in-line image viewing and video calling. Plus, the searchable message history makes sure that you can check back on any project detail discussed in your team. Cloud-based file storage is another great feature that allows you to save important materials for your various assignments.


An effective project usually requires successful collaboration. That’s why Confluence is such a fundamental tool for any business. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated theme designer, a clean-up plan for outdated content or a metrics source, Confluence has the perfect mechanism. You can even develop a promotion strategy to get the word out about your business services.

In short, Confluence has the flexibility to serve multiple functions while unifying your team every step of the way. It enables your experts from all corners to come together for an amazing product.



Bitbucket is a web-based hosting service designed for both Git and Mercurial revision control systems. It facilitates source code collaboration by simplifying workflow processes and allowing for unlimited team growth within your company. Offering cloud, server and data center options, you can accomplish code review and approval quickly, regardless of your location.

Also, deployment models accommodate teams of all sizes with members around the globe, which simplifies your tasks. Discussions, inline comments and pull requests are easily made right within the source code as well. In short, Bitbucket speeds up the entire process from coding to release so you can proceed with your next project in a timely way.

Features and technical specifications include:

  • Compatibility with Git and Mercurial revision control systems
  • Written in Python using Django web framework
  • Integratable with Jira software
  • Offers code search, clustering, issue tracking and Git large file storage
  • Provides cloud, server and datacenter options


For the sake of your company’s efficiency, Bamboo offers a continuous integration server compatible with any programming language. Designed to facilitate release management for software applications, Bamboo has an automated build and test process. It’s also unlimited by a project’s requirements or targets. Deployment to a server is automated, resulting in continuous integration. To take advantage of Bamboo’s many features, you first need to set up build scripts, test suites and a code repository. Once these details are in set up, Bamboo allows you to code at top efficiency by combining automated builds, tests and releases in one place.

Features and technical specifications include:

  • Compatible with Maven, Ant, Make and any command-line tools
  • Optimized build performance through elastic resources, continuous deployment, parallelism and release management
  • Capable of single or multiple stage grouping
  • Integratable with Jira, Bitbucket, Fisheye and HipChat
  • Compatible with Git, SVN, Mercurial, Perforce, CVS and Jenkins
  • Individualization through more than 150 add-ons available in Atlassian’s Marketplace