Kubernetes Consulting Services

Architect and implement scalable applications using Kubernetes in Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure with our team of experts

Kubernetes is a popular open-source system designed for automating deployment in addition to scaling and managing containerized applications across clusters of hosts. One of the open-source advantages is its usability on-premise, in a public cloud infrastructure, or in a hybrid environment.
Because it was designed on the same principle that allows Google to run billions of containers a week, Kubernetes can scale without increasing your ops team. It also supports a range of container tools, including Docker.

Our Services

Initial Assessment

Obtain an objective assessment of your organization’s technological maturity and Kubernetes readiness.

Architectural Consulting

Start by creating a solid foundation that’s needed for success for your new or existing Kubernetes platform and hosted apps.

Implementation & Security

Containerize existing applications and redesign systems for a container deployment. Secure the container, the CI/CD pipeline, and the container infrastructure.

Manage Cloud / Hybrid Deployments

Get the help you need to manage scalable applications that are highly available while still allowing development to iterate quickly.

Custom Development

Allow us to create a customized solution that will fill in the gaps that may exist between your requirements and the standard open source Kubernetes cluster.


Empower us to integrate all of your new and existing tools into the Kubernetes cluster. Rely on our experience with helping Fortune 500 clients make the cloud native transformation for all of their legacy systems.

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Additional Services

Custom Training
Docker Workshops
Enterprise Support
VPC Integration

Technology Expertise

At Sphere, our team values continuous learning and improving.
Here are some of the technologies that we are experts at:
Amazon Web Services
Google Clound Platform

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