License Sales


As an Atlassian Expert Partner, Sphere is able to offer our customers a single source for license management as well as the capability of procuring Atlassian products on a purchase order or credit card.

  • When you license your Atlassian products with us, you’ll receive complete user and support tools for your Atlassian systems. You won’t pay any higher fees than if you worked directly with Atlassian. Also, you’ll enjoy the same rights and possibilities, but with the added benefit of Sphere’s expertise.
  • Support from Sphere for Atlassian clients is direct, individual and always "hands-on." We are available in person, via e-mail and by phone to assist you with any issue that arises.
  • Allow Sphere to integrate all of your Atlassian license and renewal support end dates. We will manage each of your Atlassian licenses so you won’t have to worry. By combining everything together, you’ll have just one renewal date with a single point of contact. This system will phase out the frustration of paperwork and any scattered lists of dates you need to remember.
  • Beyond the licensing, our Atlassian clients often require technical, conceptional and/or organizational support. So we offer extensive experience in these key areas.

Since software is constantly evolving and always changing, you should have a partner that looks at your needs from a comprehensive angle. In basic terms, that means understanding the big picture, including the special challenges your business regularly faces. By taking this approach, Sphere can customize the best path for your unique circumstances in order to evaluate and provide the latest technology.

To ensure your company’s success, Sphere guides you throughout each step from installation to configuration to integration. With our methodology in place, you can feel confident about your business’s future success while benefiting from reduced costs, better efficiency and higher visibility.