Our Clients

Steven Maloney

Steven maloney

CEO and Co-Founder of pianoamigo.com
Steven Maloney

Ntiedo Etuk

CEO and Founder of YourGuru
Sheldon Gilbert

Sheldon Gilbert

CEO & Founder, Proclivity Media
Alain Demour & Hilary Spencer

Alain Demour

Head of Product & Technology, Ideel

Hilary Spencer

Senior Product Manager, Ideel

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“It’s been a really positive experience working with Sphere, and I would expect you to have the same.”
Ben Crawford Ben Crawford

Sr. Product Manager, Enova Financial

“We’ve partnered with an awesome firm in Chicago, Sphere Consulting, who is developing our beta site”
Lakshmi Bhargave Lakshmi Bhargave

Founder, Roomations.com

“…Fortunately, I was recommended to consult Sphere Consulting. They came in and they totally changed the whole project. One of the things, that really impressed me about them is the level of communication…”
Steven Maloney Steven Maloney

CEO and Co-Founder of Pianoamigo.com