Our Agile Hybrid Development Model

Development Model
  • 5 full-time senior architects with depth of industry/ project-specific experience.
  • 10 full-time on-site Senior Project Managers deployed according to expertise to manage
    off-site development teams.
  • Over 120 off-site developers from top talent hubs of Kharkov, Kiev, Minsk and St.Petersburg, tasked according to project specifications and timeframe.
  • Expertise and capability scaled, accelerated, and tested for the highest level of quality assurance at the lowest possible cost.

Sphere’s Software development model follows industry best practices around modern agile methodology, delivered through a hybrid or on-site/remote development team structure. Our project managers work on-site with our clients to respond to their ever changing needs, as they direct their remote teams by Skype located in one or across several of our development offices in Kharkov, Ukraine, St. Petersburg and Minsk. This structure provides our clients with the following strategic benefits:

  • Access to the collective expertise and scalable productivity of over 120 highly experienced developers
  • Developers tasked according to your needs — no costs of development downtime or risks developers with misaligned capabilities
  • Significantly reduced sprint times
  • Staggered development schedules that can provide nearly 24 hour development support if needed
  • Highest quality on-demand QA
  • Significantly reduced development costs that are nearly 25% below the costs of in-house development teams
Development Model
Steven Maloney

Steven maloney

CEO and Co-Founder of pianoamigo.com
Steven Maloney

Ntiedo Etuk

CEO and Founder of YourGuru
Steven Maloney

Sheldon Gilbert

CEO & Founder, Proclivity Media
“It’s been a really positive experience working with Sphere, and I would expect you to have the same.”
Ben Crawford Ben Crawford

Sr. Product Manager, Enova Financial

“We’ve partnered with an awesome firm in Chicago, Sphere Consulting, who is developing our beta site”
Lakshmi Bhargave Lakshmi Bhargave

Founder, Roomations.com

“…Fortunately, I was recommended to consult Sphere Consulting. They came in and they totally changed the whole project. One of the things, that really impressed me about them is the level of communication…”
Steven Maloney Steven Maloney

CEO and Co-Founder of Pianoamigo.com