Python Development

Python is a general purpose object-oriented language that features extensive libraries which provide APIs that can be scaled according to computational resources. It also supports integration with other programming languages and tools. Enterprise data science applications that require data wrangling, web application building, and data engineering often rely on Python to deliver great results.

Our Python developers at Sphere understand the importance of mastering a wide variety of Python skill sets.

Our Python Skill Sets


Data Wrangling

Statistical Analysis

Machine Learning

Python Customer Case Study

FitStudio by Sears FitStudio by Sears
  • Python
  • Django
  • ​AWS ( Amazon Web Services)
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL​
Solution Type
  • UX / UI Development
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Solution Architecture
    • Marketplace
    • Social Platform

YourGuru needed to create a trusted marketplace and social platform for the health and fitness industry so that clients and students could discover, connect with, and book health and fitness experts, while simultaneously allowing their gurus to grow their businesses.


Sphere Software designed ​and developed ​YourGuru’s marketplace and social platform using Python and Django technologies. Our​ Python software development team created a custom responsive website solution that empowered YourGuru’s clients, students, and gurus to achieve their goals.

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