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With our technical expertise and wealth of industry experience, we can help you maximize the performance of your application portfolio. Whether you’re using SAP S/4HANA for Enterprise or ERP for Small Business, our team can drive value and deliver results. Our expertise includes SAP licensing, implementation, infrastructure, application management, testing, and more.

Our SAP Consulting Services

SAP Digitization

An SAP roadmap can be time-consuming and expensive. The licenses, implementation, and the ongoing support can be costly. Too often, companies wonder what value was generated for the millions of dollars spent. They justify the transition to SAP as a technological necessity driven by a technological need, instead of business value.


Nevertheless, SAP’s ERP solutions form the foundation that is necessary to transform a company and prepare it for transformational digitization and disruptive market forces.


Consequently, the SAP roadmap does not end with the successful implementation of SAP. This is only the first milestone. The next step is to use this underpinning technology to enable digitization and to finally generate the promised value


As part of our SAP digitization services we offer the following:


  • Digitization Assessment and Strategy Development
  • Business Process Digitization
  • Digital Architecture Design and Consolidation
  • Business Intelligence Services
  • Data Architecture Services
Click here for the full SAP fact sheet
SAP Rollout, Upgrades,

We’ll help your organization set up your SAP solution out of the box — our expertise includes: SAP ECC, SCM, BPC, ARIBA, GRC, Solution Manager, FSCM, SuccessFactor, Hybris, Concur, and more. Additionally, we can maximize your efficiency with our business process consulting, as well as our robotic process automation services. To empower you with actionable data, we provide KPI framework analysis, development and benchmarking (pre and post SAP implementation), as well as improvement plans. Click here for the full SAP fact sheet


In order to leverage the value of your SAP S/4HANA transformation, we provide a wealth of pre-conversion services, including: fit/gap assessments, roadmap development, business process evaluations, value identification and business case development, infrastructure strategy, development of a data management strategy and reporting strategy. Once we’ve performed an in-depth assessment of your SAP landscape, we perform a custom transformation that’s designed to meet your organization’s goals. Click here for the full SAP fact sheet

SAP Leonardo
Consulting &

SAP Leonardo’s end-to-end digital innovation system embeds new technologies into the SAP cloud platform. Our team can help you use Leonardo to integrate solutions for IoT, machine learning, big data, blockchain, data intelligence, and more. Click here for the full SAP fact sheet

SAP Analytics

Organizations are able to collect more data than ever before through supply chain transactions, manufacturing loT applications, customer interactions, loyalty programs, location services, third party data brokers, and more. They want quick, intuitive access to this data in real time, because companies that utilize their data are able to plan smarter, identify opportunities, react quickly, eliminate waste, and reduce risk. Our team combines SAP’s tools with our technical and industry expertise to deliver analytics solutions that drive ROI. Click here for the full SAP fact sheet

SAP Cloud

We begin your transformation process by helping you strategize your journey to the cloud — we provide industry-specific insights and detailed road maps so together we can develop an actionable plan that will meet business targets. During phase two, we build new cloud-based applications and transform your architecture, transitioning yoi into a new technology operating model. Finally, we partner with your organization to help you implement our cloud management platform and evolve a DevOps culture. Click here for the full SAP fact sheet

AMS ( Application
Management Services )

Our experts can measure the current SAP AMS maturity of your organization and provide a solution based on you r future goals. We can also provide onsite or remote workers with a flexible approach that fits your timeline and budget. In addition to leveraging SAP best practices, we provide proprietary tools to assist you. We monitor your solution around the clock and our help desk is always available to provide you with outstanding support. Click here for the full SAP fact sheet


We can work with you to provide testing services, so that you can focus on the value add activities of your SAP initiatives. Our testing services include: development of a testing strategy, design and implementation of a TCoE, identification and development of test scenarios, development of automated test scripts, execution of various testing approaches such as unit testing, integration testing, regression testing, security testing and performance testing including the management of your test data. We utilize the leading proprietary tools to increase QA coverage while lowering costs. Click here for the full SAP fact sheet


We can help your finance organization thrive during periods of market volatility by configuring SAP’s best-in-class financial management and financial accounting software. We’ll increase your data accessibility so you can have it at your fingertips for critical decisions. Additionally, we’ll help you leverage SAP’s predictive features to identify viable new business models and growth opportunities. Click here for the full SAP fact sheet

Supply Chain

We can configure a custom SAP supply chain solution that will give you unprecedented visibility, along with the capability to make real-time changes to your supply chain’s operations. We’ll also ensure superior scalability, allowing you to focus your operations to target niche markets, segments, or customers. Ultimately, you’ll be able to adapt to volatility at a moment’s notice. Click here for the full SAP fact sheet

Sales and Customer
Service Transformation

Many organizations are unable to anticipate customer needs, due to outdated legacy systems that leave inconsistencies in customer information. We’ll help you migrate and consolidate your data, while implementing a process based on user-experience thinking. As a result, you’ll be able to increase customer retention and loyalty, while driving self-service in key areas. Click here for the full SAP fact sheet

Case Study 1

Client Background

  • Department of Defense for one of the largest EU countries

  • Currently selling SAP

  • Needed a solution that would allow them to use SAP even in situations with no connectivity

  • Required this solution to be a streamlined version of their current processes

Proposed Solution

  • Conducted a feasibility and design study

  • Included logistics and maintenance processes in our project scope

  • Reviewed and re-engineered existing SAP processes with the objective to streamline the use of SAP


  • Designing a new user interface based on SAP FIORI streamlined SAP processes

  • Reduced the number of screens and required clicks by 50%

  • Designed a solution that would allow the users to still operate in SAP even in situations with no connectivity

Case Study 2

Client Background

  • US-based, globally operating produce company

  • Provides fresh fruits and canned goods

  • Owns its own plantation and ocean cargo fleet

  • Owns its own US trucking fleet

Proposed Solution

  • Canned food business had live SAP, but fresh fruit business did not

  • Scope included a fit gap assessment of current processes, mapping them to the existing SAP functionality

  • Recommendations on future IT landscape for fresh fruit business


  • Developed a vision and strategy on how to proceed with the fresh fruit business

  • Recommended implementation of SAP

  • Developed a roadmap and detailed plan on how to achieve SAP

  • Developed a process map for future processes in SAP

Case Study 3

Client Background

  • World’s largest manufacturer of foam, cups, and containers

  • Production output as high as all competitors combined

  • Live on SAP, but limited to no executive reporting and dashboarding

  • Limited integration and data feeds into SAP

Proposed Solution

  • Develop of future state architecture that would allow non SAP systems to be integrated into SAP feeding logistics, sales, and financial data into one system

  • Based on integrated data, we’ll need to develop executive reporting that can acquire data fast and in unprecedented detail with drill down capabilities


  • Architectured and implemented KPI-based guided analytics

  • Developed a strategy and landscape architecture with SAP being the digital core

  • Integrated non-SAP applications with SAP as the back-office solution