Client-First Consulting and Advisory

We use our deep knowledge of industries, technologies, and emerging digital trends to help you find the best path optimize your performance through technology

Sphere Software has worked with clients across all different industries, meaning we’ll bring personalized strategies to the table. Every action taken is calculated and sure to enhance your organization’s value. We’ll never forge a strategy which we cannot deliver. If we can think it and devise a thorough plan, we can bring it to market. Sphere’s approach is long-term, and our roadmaps are designed to provide digital technology solutions and infrastructure that scales as you grow.

Our Consulting and Advisory Services Include

Digital Growth & Customer Experience

Design, Prototype, and Launch

Bringing your next application idea to life requires a team of designers, developers, and project managers who have experience building cloud-native products that are functional and great looking. We provide proof-of-concepts that have been validated through user feedback, build functional prototypes, and launch products that command attention and drive results.

Digital Growth & Customer Experience

Business Systems and ERP

Remaining competitive in today’s business landscape means utilizing a system that allows for quick access to useful data to make smart business decisions. Whether that’s an ERP system, a WMS, or a CRM, it’s time to align your business objectives with a system that will help you grow. Sphere will sit down with your organization’s decision makers to identify a solution that is right for you.

Digital Growth & Customer Experience

Business Process Evaluation

The way your business processes are structured will have company-wide effects. Poor processes can inhibit productivity, workflow, and affect your bottom line. Today’s proven processes are supported by data. By harnessing the right data, Sphere will analyze your current business processes, address the pain points, and map out solutions that will lead to greater efficiency.

Digital Growth & Customer Experience

ERP Implementation Done Right

ERP systems are meant to streamline information in all aspects of a company, thus, improving overall business processes. When done right, this can cut operating costs and empower employees — leading to enhanced productivity. Unfortunately, many ERP implementations fall short of their expected value due to improper consulting. At Sphere, our wealth of experience ensures that your ERP implementation will not only work well, but enable your organization to thrive.

Digital Growth & Customer Experience

IT Management and Strategy

Managing and maintaining high quality IT governance, systems integrations, cloud planning, and architecture can be burdensome during periods of growth. Pass this responsibility on to a team like Sphere with over a decade of experience in IT administration. Our solutions don’t just get the most out of your existing technologies, but meet future challenges head on with emerging technologies.

Digital Growth & Customer Experience

Technology Leadership

When you require a second set of eyes on a certain project or implementation, consider CIO and CTO consulting from Sphere. We employ innovators in today’s technology landscape who have crafted solutions in every industry from healthcare to energy. Our consultants listen to your organization’s deepest needs, and collaborate with your tech executives to evaluate and improve on existing systems. With world-class leadership on your side, it’ll make this period of growth as frictionless as possible.

Digital Growth & Customer Experience

The Shift to Ecommerce

Reduced friction in the sales process has provided customers with the best possible experience, and has increased overall sales. This is why shifting to e commerce is crucial for businesses of all sorts. Sphere will help you weigh the risks of each e commerce platform to make sure that critical first step is taken carefully. Once a platform is chosen, we’ll work with you along the way ensure this transition is a smooth success.

Digital Growth & Customer Experience

Transaction Advising

Holistic market data and objective advising is required to make the smartest business decisions for buy-and-sell transaction engagements. It also helps to have consultants with experience in the U.S. and overseas. This is the type of advising service you’ll get with Sphere. Our professionals will help you throughout the investment cycle and reduce overall risk.

Digital Growth & Customer Experience

Optimal Project Management

Lack of planning and oversight from a seasoned project manager can lead to delayed launch time, poor collaboration, and confusion within the team. This added stress is unnecessary and counterproductive for any organization. With experience managing projects from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies, Sphere is sure to provide the right solution to each project requirement.

Digital Growth & Customer Experience

Organizational Change Management (OCM)

With OCM, you can align the people within your company and its culture easier when it comes to ERP implementation. This cultural shift, however, can be tasking. Executives that aren’t prepared for this shift face the risks of poor ROI on their ERP investment. Avoid a lag in new system adoption with OCM consulting from Sphere.

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