DevOps Consulting

Don’t let friction in your innovation process hinder your ability to compete

Our expert DevOps team will help you improve the collaboration between software developers and other IT professionals by breaking down silos, creating transparency, and optimizing continuous integration and deployment pipelines. Additionally, we can standardize your environments and automate your release processes, saving you time, effort, and money.

Our experts understand that no two companies are alike — we will assess your unique situation, gaining a deep understanding of your key workflows, development processes, and pain points. Using this information, we will build a custom DevOps solution that aligns with your goals.

As a trusted partner of Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef and more, Sphere is adept at building highly efficient toolchains that maximize productivity. Let us take care of your infrastructure, so you can focus on what you do best.

One Transport (Gett):  creating “Best Ground Transportation Company” solution

Sphere Software helped us with multiple development projects and provided a flexible team augmentation solution allowing us to increase our agility and reduce feature time to market.

One Transport (Gett): creating “Best Ground Transportation Company” solution

  • Number 1 rideshare service in Europe ( larger than Uber )
  • Available in over 100 cities including New York, TelAviv, and Moscow
  • Fastest growing rideshare service in New York City
  • Selected by Forbes as one of the “top 15 explosively growing companies”
  • Global leader in business ground travel, trusted by over 6,000 corporate clients
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Our Services

Continuous integration and continuous deployment
Single-click deployment
Easy code management and code reviews
Automated rollouts and rollbacks
Automated security alerts
Infrastructure security
Support for microservices and serverless computing
Deployment on-premises, in public or hybrid cloud

DevOps Process Flow

Our Approach


After working with you to develop a shared understanding of your company’s pain points and challenges, our team will recommend an optimal setup. We will work with your internal team to build out the production environments internally, or migrate them to the cloud as needed.


Our experts will use highly efficient toolchains to build your environment, ensuring application release automation. Additionally, we will streamline your workflow by optimizing your continuous integration and deployment pipeline. Finally, we will automate your ability to add or remove server instances, adjust server size, and deploy new code, ultimately providing scalability in your development process.


Our relationship doesn’t end when your solution is implemented. We’re always available to assist your teams with releases and troubleshooting problems. The Sphere advantage is our commitment to our clients — it’s what our reputation is built on.

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Signs You Can Benefit From a DevOps Solution

  • Time-to-market and cycle times are excessively long
  • It’s difficult or excessively costly to scale operations
  • Frequent delays and/or excessive project downtime
  • Developers and testers are constantly waiting to access the resources they need, triggering delays
  • Software defects go undiscovered until late in the lifecycle
  • Inability to pinpoint problems across development, testing, and production operations
  • Development sees their job as finished once the application is in production
DevOps Consulting

Customer Case Studies

Solution Architecture
Ruby on Rails Backbone + MySQL Marionette PostgreSQL


Solution Architecture
JRuby TorqueBox WebSockets Microservices Backbone.js REST API


Solution Architecture
JRuby TorqueBox WebSockets Microservices Backbone.js REST API

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