Functional Prototyping

Every great idea for a new software product starts with a model, or a functional prototype. We can work with you and your team to explore an identified problem and refine your solution using wireframes and the most appropriate combination of open-source technologies. Let us create a reactive prototype that meets your unique needs and available resources.

We can build a stand-lone proof of concept or a scalable solution with limited functionalities and features. This provides users with the basic experience and logic of your product, without the backend functionalities required by a final iteration.

We understand the needs of entrepreneurs and seed stage companies that operate in incredibly lean environments. We build our reactive prototypes to serve as a scalable demo that can be enhanced and expanded upon to meet our clients needs as they grow and acquire users. This saves time and money on future development costs, and allows early stage companies to retain their competitive edge.

Functional Prototype Customer Case Study

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