Chef selected Sphere as one of their strategic partners

Our Chef Expertise: An Integrated DevOps Platform

Chef Server

A great flexible foundation that allows you to create and manage 100 or 100,000 nodes across numerous datacenters, cloud-based platforms, and heterogeneous environments

Chef Delivery

Delivery allows teams to ship applications with fewer defects by leveraging automated testing with review and approval gates. Every change in every project can be visualized in a dashboard pipeline.

Chef Compliance

Compliance allows teams to scan for risks and compliance issues with customizable reports that are classified by severity and impact levels. Automated remediation can be built into your software development pipeline.

Chef Analytics

Analytics empowers you to search, visualize, and report on the state of your Chef-managed infrastructure. Real-time notifications can be sent to various popular messaging apps.

Chef High Availability

High availability provides automated load balancing and failover as well as mitigating against a single point of failure. Rapid backup between active and passive servers makes your Chef cluster secure.