Looker selected Sphere as one of their strategic partners

Our Looker Expertise

By partnering with Looker, Sphere aims to empower your business with full data transparency, helping you streamline every aspect of your operations. Your entire team will have access to a wealth of new analytics, so they can track their progress, measure their effectiveness, and ultimately make smarter decisions.

Team Augmentation & Consulting

Sphere’s team of experts offers consulting and team augmentation services, to train your staff and equip them with Looker’s best practices. We are always on call to provide you with additional support.

BI & ETL Services

Sphere can manage your data with its business intelligence ( BI ) and extract, transform and loading ( ETL ) consulting services, so that you can focus on the metrics.

Sales Analytics

Looker’s sales analytics platform allows your team to track and evaluate each account, lead, and opportunity in real-time. You can identify the deals that are more likely to close, and keep track of pipeline, helping you exceed your monthly quotas.

Marketing Analytics

Monitor every stage of your digital marketing campaigns, and analyze your conversion rates. Looker’s intuitive interface also lets you compare campaigns, so you can determine what content drives the most business.

Customer Success Analytics

View all of the data you’ve gathered from your customers in one centralized location. Using these figures, Looker generates a customer health score that gauges your effectiveness in key demographics.

Operations & Logistics Analytics

Track and manage every item in your inventory in real-time. Additionally, you’ll be able to evaluate the performance of every processing center, so you can streamline your distribution.

Product Analytics

Looker’s revolutionary software converts the user experience into measurable data, so you can remove pain points and optimize engagement. You’ll see how customers respond to new products, content, and features on your web or eCommerce site.

Support Analytics

Store and analyze archives of customer support data, so you can understand the most powerful drivers of customer satisfaction. By tracking each interaction, you’ll determine your most effective practices, and locate new training opportunities.