In the end, the ability of your Atlassian software to expand capabilities and deliver a return on investment rests with your team members. It is our mission to empower your staff so they can extract every ounce of potential for the continued benefit of your business.

Every company has unique features. And at Sphere, we make sure to customize our expert guidance to suit your individual footprint. Additionally, to ensure you receive the support that’s relevant to your business needs, we structure training by starting each project with a blank slate. Then we build in order to meet the exact workflow, the timeframe and the learning expectations of the organization, according to both the team and the individual.

Whatever your needs, Sphere’s experienced trainers infuse three invaluable assets within your work culture:

  • In depth, hands-on expertise with the Atlassian software
  • Real world practical experience that combines the software with a functioning business environment
  • Business savvy to maximize the potential of the software tools within your company at an efficient pace

Flexible Delivery Options

We are adept at working remotely, at your site or with virtual classrooms. Because of this helpful array of options, we often tailor the learning courses to suit your special circumstances. By taking this approach, we can create a customized training plan that boosts your team to productivity in the shortest amount of time possible.

Global Delivery Capability

Our instructors are based throughout North America, but our delivery business model is global. This means we’re as comfortable training in our own region as we are onboarding your staff from around the world. The key is not only the quality of the training, but an understanding of the cultural environment in which the training is delivered. Without that essential detail, important nuances may be missed.

Jira and Confluence Training

Sphere Jira and Confluence courses are designed to be interactive sessions that immerse students in the configuration and implementation of the software. They’re taught by our Atlassian expert training instructors who routinely work with the software in real-world, hands-on circumstances. Our accomplished educators mentor each individual on your team through the information and experiential application. Appropriate exercises and rol e-playing are also part of the training protocol, providing added dimension to the entire learning experience. In short, the goal is to achieve seamless integration of the software into your system.